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WLBT(TV) Jackson, Miss., and KLTV(TV) Tyler and satellite KTRE(TV) Lufkin/Tyler, Texas

Price: $204 million cash (merger)

Buyer: Cosmos Broadcasting, Greenville, S.C. (Jim Keelor, president; Liberty Corp., owner [Hayne Hipp, president]); owns 12 other TVs

Seller:Civic Communications, Jackson (Frank Melton, president/owner); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: wlbt: ch. 3, 95.7 kW visual, 19.1 kW aural, ant. 2,419 ft.; kltv: ch. 7, 316 kW visual, 31.6 kW aural, ant. 991 ft.; ktre: ch. 9, 158 kW visual, 31.7 kW aural, ant. 670 ft.

Affiliations:wlbt: NBC; kltv, ktre: ABC

76% of KBEH(TV) Bellevue/Tacoma/Seattle, Wash.

Price: $500,000

Buyer: Christopher Racine, Bellevue; will own 96% of station when deal closes. Racine has interests in four other TVs

Sellers: Tawake and Nancy Baravilala, Donald F. Laidlaw, George Scott, Paul Tennyson and Raymond Wick, Bellevue; no other broadcast interests. Note: Construction permit for station was acquired for $45,000 in 1996

Facilities: Ch. 51, 3,800 kW visual, 500 kW aural

Affiliation: Independent