TVB’s Lanzano: Nielsen Report Confirms TV as Dominant Medium

Steve Lanzano, president and CEO of TVB, was pleased with the results of Nielsen’s fourth quarter 2015 Total Audience Report Thursday. Although the number of pay-TV households decreased a little in Q4 below the 100 million mark, the report confirmed that Americans do in fact choose TV over all other media.

“Nielsen’s Q4 2015 Total Audience Report confirms American’s consistent strong preference for television over all other media,” Lanzano said. “Importantly, television dominated video viewing across all screens and mobile devices capturing 95% share of viewership, with the remaining 5% comprised of watching video on the internet (4%) and on a smartphone (0.8%).”

The report also found that adults 18 and up watch three times more television a week than the next most consumed medium, radio, and four times more than smartphone apps and Web.

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“The Total Audience Report is the latest data-driven analysis among a wealth of compelling reports and studies from leading information and data analytics companies revealing that television remains the undeniable media of choice among Americans and the most effective and powerful marketing platform,” Lanzano said. “Not only does TV’s usage and engagement remain high among key consumer groups, it continues to have strong influence on key voting groups. According to a GfK survey, 70% of voters took an action after seeing a political ad on local broadcast TV; 31% engaged in conversations with others about the advertisement; and 26% went online to learn more about the candidate. In addition, political ads on local broadcast TV influenced 12% of voters to like, friend or follow a candidate on social media.”