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TV Watch: Parents Are the Best Regulators

TV Watch, the broadcasting industry-backed effort to push parental over governmental control of content, asked the FCC to throw out its "constitutionally suspect approach to indecency enforcement."

Sept. 21 is the deadline for comments to the FCC on its reconsideration of four profanity findings that were part of its March 14 omnibus indecency order.

While TV Watch did not address those specific findings, it said, generally, that government should not be controlling TV programming and that "parents, not special interest organizations or the government, should decide what is okay for their families to watch."

The FCC has said it will take 60 days and rule again on the four profanity findings, after which a federal court gets to take a crack at them per a suit filed by broadcasters.

The FCC asked to take a second look, saying it had erred in not giving broadcasters a chance to comment on them. It bypassed the normal appeals process because there were no fines or penalties attached to the findings, which were meant to give broadcasters more guidance on what the FCC would find profane in context in future decisions.