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TV Watch Launches New V-Chip Campaign

Filed at 3:28 p.m. EST on May 21, 2009

TV Watch has launched a new campaign promoting the V-chip/TV ratings system.

Spring Clean Your TV includes a promotional video and Web site for parents who want to "insure that the content coming through the TV is appropriately clean."

“Studies show that the time children spend watching television increases 150 percent this time of year," said TV Watch Executive Director Jim Dyke announcing the campaign. "We at TV Watch want to make sure parents are empowered to take control over what is seen during that time."

The new campaign comes as the FCC is preparing a report to Congress on available content control technologies on broadcast, cable and other media platforms.

TV Watch was created by CBS, NBC, News Corp. and others as an online resource for parents and a response to calls for more government regulation of media content.