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TV Watch Launches 1st Education Effort

TV Watch, the online effort by broadcast networks to pitch the TV ratings/V chip system and other parental controls mechanisms to the public, has launched its first education campaign.

"Smart Summer TV" is a TV parenting tip sheet--managing viewing during those lazy, hazy, crazy days of "unstructured" summer--that will run as an ad in local papers and will be handed out at the national PTA convention this summer.

Broadcasters are attempting to head off the content crackdown in Washington through a campaign to let parents know they are the ulimate arbiters of TV taste and access for their children, and tell them what tools are available.

Now that NBC has agreed to use the content descriptors (S,L, etc.), braodcasters can argue they have consistent content blocking mechanism similar to cable's.

Also as part of the new campaign, TV Watch will send former CNN Health Correspondent Linda Ciampa on a road trip to appear on local news in late June to offer TV parenting tips including:

·   Setting viewing time limits and rules

·   Adapting the “rules” for rainy days

·   Using the ratings system and parental controls like the V-Chip

·   Utilizing VCR and DVR technology to keep a digital library of acceptable programs

·   Finding programs consistent with your attitudes and beliefs.