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TV Watch 'Exposes' V-Chip Critics

Look for TV Watch next week to circulate an e-mail linking to a new video on its site ( debunking the notion that the V-chip is ineffective (only 15% of viewers use it, according to one study).

TV Watch is the online education effort funded by Viacom, News Corp., and NBC Universal (Disney is sitting it out). Its goal is to head off content regulation by giving viewers new parental control tools and educating them about the ones they already have.

TV Watch Executive Director Jim Dyke concedes that not a lot of people currently use the V-chip, but says the key is educating the other 85%, not dissing the technology, which is currently in 119 million TV sets.

The video, dubbed "Exposed," attempts to expose those arguing that the V-chip is too complicated as instead advancing an ulterior motive of remaking television programming to their own tastes.
Dyke says next up for the group will be adding some viewing management tools to the Web site.
He would not go into details, though he said they would be more creative than the above description suggests.
TV Watch, which is only about eight weeks old, launched its first education campaign three weeks ago.
"Smart Summer TV" is a TV parenting tip sheet--managing viewing during those lazy, hazy, crazy days of "unstructured" summer--that will run as an ad in local papers and handed out at the national PTA convention.