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TV Stations Air New Bounce Show to Spark Viewer Interest

In an effort to drive viewers to their diginets, 30 or so local broadcasters this week will air the premiere HD episode of Bounce TV’s new magazine show, Ed Gordon, on their primary stations.

Raycom Media, an investor in the African-American oriented network, will run the show on stations including Fox affiliates WXIX Cincinnati, WFLX West Palm Beach, Fla. and WBRC Birmingham, Ala. WVUE, Louisiana Media’s Fox affiliate in New Orleans, is among stations airing the show as well.

Ed Gordon, Bounce’s first-ever news magazine, premiered on affiliates on Sept. 13. That episode included Gordon’s interviews filmed in Ferguson, Mo. with five African-American women whose children have been shot, four of them to death.

Gordon, who is executive producer of the series, is a former 60 Minutes IIToday Show and Dateline NBC correspondent, as well as host of News and Notes with Ed Gordon on NPR and BET anchor.