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TV Azteca, Telemundo Agree to a Cease-Fire

Spanish-language broadcasters TV Azteca and Telemundo have agreed to settle multiple pending litigations.

The parties had been sniping for years, including the incident that saw a Telemundo reality show shut down by TV Azteca in Mexico. Telemundo owner NBC Universal had charged TV Azteca with “physical harassment” in shutting down the shoot. NBCU had also asked the FCC to revoke the broadcast license for Azteca-operated KAZA Los Angeles, which the FCC rejected.

“Intellectual property is the cornerstone of the television business in any part of the world,” said TV Azteca CEO Mario San Roman. “We see this agreement as a step forward in the development of Spanish-language television in the United States and Mexico

Under the agreement, “Neither party admits any liability for asserted claims in prior litigations.” Both sides have pledged to “attempt to resolve issues privately before filing any formal legal action.”