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TV ads score with viewers

According to Web survey company E-Poll, TV ads continue to get the highest
recall numbers from respondents who, a new survey said, "appear to pay closer
attention to more traditional advertising than online/Internet formats."

According to the survey of 1,144 people (error rate plus or minus 3 percent),
70 percent pay "a lot/some" attention to TV ads.

Next came magazine ads and radio spots, tied at 56 percent.

Only 34 percent pay attention to Internet-site ads and 31 percent to electronic-mailed

The survey also polled respondents on their awareness of product placement.
It found that a majority (54 percent) don't mind such placements -- they
strongly agreed with that statement -- so long as they are not too intrusive.

Only 8 percent felt that product placement was "blatant commercialism" and