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Turner Launches Contextual Ad Service

"Here's looking at you, kid," says Bogie to Bacall. Cut to an ad for Four Eyes.

That is the idea behind the new integrated ad initiative from Turner Broadcasting, which said Thursday it has launched its new TVinContext ad placement program with a lineup of clients including OnStar, DirecTV, Cadillac and Victoria's Secret. The initiative had been announced at its upfront in May.

The idea is to lead-in to commercials with content related to the product. For instance, an ad for OnStar's service that contacts emergency personnel after a crash would follow a scene of a car crash in The Bourne Supremacy on TNT.

"The goal is to pair entertainment scenes with related ads," said Turner in a release announcing the launch. " When ads are shown in this context, they are likely to be more effective with viewers."

Media buyers who are buying the linked spots include Starcom and Magna Global, according to Turner, which says that the program could be rolled out on a larger scale if it proves successful.

"In today's digital, increasingly mobile video media environment, where commercial avoidance is easier than ever, we must continue to strive with our network partners not only to maximize commercial audience retention but also to find innovative ways to maximize consumer engagement with our message,” said Magna executive Steve Sternberg in the release. “We believe Turner’s TVinContext is a truly leading-edge concept, and we look forward to working and learning together on behalf of our clients.”

Turner says it is currently going over the shows in its TV and movie library with an eye toward scenes it could pair with ads.