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Tubi Provides Streaming Shows to COVID Patients

Patients will have access to Tubi programming including 'The Masked Singer.' (Image credit: Tubi)

Fox’s streaming service Tubi said it is working with the pCare platform to provide programming to COVID-19 patients isolated in hospitals.

In addition to dealing with the disease, COVID patients are often isolated from the families and entertainment can have a positive impact on their conditions.

“The work of hospitals and health systems to institute protocols that can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect their patients and staff is critical. But every health professional recognizes the very real impact that stress, isolation and even boredom can have on patients,” said pCare CEO Dave Bennett. “Our partnership with Tubi reflects what we’re hearing from the hospitals we serve and is part of our rapid-response to help health teams address quickly evolving pain points in the era of COVID-19.”

The pCare platform integrated with hospital systems to connect patients, families and caregivers and provides patients with entertaining and educational content.

“We are honored to partner with pCare and hospitals nationwide to bring Tubi’s rich library of titles to patients at a crucial time when entertainment, now more than ever, is beneficial for sustaining mental health,” said Andrea Clarke-Hall, Tubi’s head of global business development. “Our massive and diverse offering allows patients from all walks of life to stream and binge their favorite movie or TV show.

In addition to the pCare platform, patients will also be able to watch Tubi’s 20,000 movies and TV shows on the web at