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Tribune Stations to Air Vietnam Veterans Documentary Next Week

Tribune Broadcasting announced Monday that its stations in all 33 of its markets will air hourlong documentary Untold Stories: Saluting Our Vietnam Veterans Nov. 7 through Nov. 15.

The full documentary, which honors the sacrifices of Vietnam veterans and their families during and since the war, will be accessible online at beginning Nov. 7. Stations will also include segments featuring local veterans in their newscasts surrounding Veterans Day, which is on Nov. 11. 

“We believe this generation of American heroes did not get the welcome home they deserved,” said Bart Feder, Tribune Broadcasting senior VP of news. “We asked our award-winning journalists across the country to help give voice to the stories of our Vietnam Vets and the result is a compelling and poignant national documentary hour and special series in every one of our markets.”

Created in-house by Tribune’s stations, Untold Stories: Saluting Our Vietnam Veterans will feature POW Colonel Murphy Neal Jones’ struggle to return home, war correspondent and journalist Joe Galloway, a spotlight on PTSD and more.