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Tribune Launches ‘Content Marketplace’

Tribune Interactive has launched The Syndicate, an “online multimedia content marketplace” shared by Tribune’s station and newspaper Websites, and the station sites owned by Local TV.

“In addition to reading the best coverage of the day’s events, Website visitors now can learn about the topics they care about—news, business and entertainment—through interactive elements such as videos, photos, graphics, trivia and quizzes,” Tribune said in a statement.

The content, created 24/7, comes from Tribune’s 23 television stations, the 17 stations owned by Local TV, Tribune’s newspaper sites, and outside vendors. Tribune and Local TV share services through a “third party broadcast-management company” they set up late in 2007.

“Our mission is to super-serve our website visitors around the clock,” said Tribune Interactive VP/Interactive Content Andy Friedman. “We know our visitors want information that they can read and view. With The Syndicate, we keep our visitors current on what matters to them, complementing what they read with what they watch and vice versa.”

Friedman manages The Syndicate.