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Tribune hypes its inventory

Tribune Entertainment Company is trumpeting its one-stop shopping status to advertisers, tripling its barter sales availabilities from last season's 6,500 to 20,000 for the coming 2001/2002 season.

That hike in commercial inventory is a result of Tribune's strategy to beef up its selling activities on behalf of third parties, says Clark Morehouse the company's senior vice president of advertiser sales. Morehouse says advertisters can go just to Tribune "for a wide array of inventory," that currently includes such upcoming shows as NBC's The Other Half, Universal's Blind Date, Hearst Entertainment's The Bravest and Tribune's own Mutant X.

Tribune has created alliances with these distributors, says Morehouse, because "we identified a large amount of undervalued projects in the marketplace we felt weren't receiving strong barter sales representation." Under the terms of Tribune's agreements with other distributors, Tribune gets a stake in the ad revenue of shows it represents. - Susanne Ault