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Tribune Asks Nielsen to Delay Meters

Tribune Broadcasting became the third major broadcaster this week to strongly urge Nielsen Media Research to delay implementation of the New York "Local People Meter" until it addresses concerns raised by the Media Ratings Council

The council last week denied accreditation to Nielsen's New York LPM service until it fixed some problems, though it did not elaborate.

Tribune Broadcasting President Patrick Mullen said Nielsen's decision to move forward "without first securing the approval of The Media Rating Council (MRC) is unwise and unsound. As the only entity responsible for independently and objectively monitoring Nielsen’s ratings services, the MRC is uniquely positioned to verify their accuracy and reliability."
Mullen also dismissed Nielsen's intention to use two ratings systems in New York for three months (the LPM and the outgoing meter/diary system) as unacceptable because it "will only confuse viewers, advertisers and station operators alike. 
"This decision also seems a tacit admission by Nielsen that it, too, remains unsure of the accuracy of data generated by the Local People Meter service. We urge Nielsen to reverse its decision to implement the Local People Meter service in New York City and other markets around the country."  Earlier this week both Univision and the Viacom Station Group urged Nielsen to delay the service as well, which it is rolling out Today..