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The Return of Tracy Morgan: A Look at Viewer Reactions to ‘The Last O.G.’

Tracy Morgan is back, and it looks like TBS has a major hit on its hands with Morgan's new sitcom The Last O.G.. We partnered with iSpot, Canvs and Tubular to get insight into viewer reactions around the show plus information about the advertisers backing it.

According to emotion measurement company Canvs, 35.3% of the tweets around the premiere expressed a specific emotion and love took the top spot, accounting for 24.5% of Emotional Reactions (ERs). Other prominent emotions included funny (23.8%), excited (16.1%) and enjoy (11.8%), with more than 1,400 unique Twitter users chiming in.

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When compared to other programming that night, The Last O.G. prompted 4.6 times the average reactions vs. other series. The pilot episode also drove 4.0 times the love reactions, and an overwhelming 16.1 times as many funny ERs than the average TV series.


Aside from the expected chatter about Morgan, audiences felt really connected to Tiffany Haddish, who portrays Shay, ex-girlfriend of Tray (Morgan’s character), and she was a key emotional driver around conversation during the episode. In terms of general topics that resonated, the audience appreciated the accurate depiction of the evolution and gentrification that Brooklyn, where the series is set, has been going through, and in particular how it was examined through a humorous lens.

The most successful scenes in generating emotion included the "bench" dialogue between Tray and Bobby, Tray's wake-up call and the closing scene between Tray and Shay., the real-time TV ad measurement company with attention and conversion analytics from more than eight million smart TVs, reports that over the course of the initial and re-airings of the premiere episode, 123 brands have run 163 commercials 229 times, generating over 117 million TV ad impressions, with the top-spending brands being Microsoft, Universal Pictures, Burger King, GEICO and State Farm.

Excluding show promos, the most-seen ads during The Last O.G. have included “More for Your Thing: Galaxy” from AT&T Wireless with 5.7 million impressions; Buick’s “Second Opinion,” also with 5.7 million impressions; and “Most Advanced” from Infiniti, with 5.5 million impressions.

According to social video analytics company Tubular Labs, TBS’s new hit has also really resonated online, with “The Last OG: Beginnings [EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW]” YouTube clip steadily climbing as it approaches 1.4 million views in less than two months.