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TNN mulls pop trivia quiz pilot

In tune with its new "We've Got Pop!" slogan, TNN will be looking at a pilot presentation for pop-culture trivia quiz show On the Cover.

Originally, the project had been in pre-production with NBC under past entertainment chief Garth Ancier, but was killed off when Jeffrey Zucker came on board to the position. Now King World Productions will be behind On the Cover, which gets its name from the fact that questions will revolve around covers of popular books, magazines, CDs, etc.

Rick Leed, past president of Wind Dancer Productions (Home Improvement), is one of Cover's executive producers. He was also involved in Cover's first incarnation at NBC. If the pilot flies, this will be the first cable project steered in awhile by King World - known primarily for such syndicated efforts as Oprah. A King World spokesperson declined comment. TNN executives could not be reached for comment. - Susanne Ault