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TMZ Creating Mobile Site

Gossip Web site and syndicated TV show TMZ is creating a stand-alone mobile Web site.

The new site, to be powered by Quattro Wireless, will feature all of the photos, videos and snark that make the normal site such a hit with gossip hounds, generating 11 million unique visitors per month.

“The mobile platform is a natural fit for TMZ, and this deal further extends the reach of this game-changing brand. There is an insatiable consumer appetite for the breaking entertainment news that TMZ is famous for delivering, so having a presence on mobile plays perfectly into the behavior of TMZ's core 18–34 demo,” said Brett Bouttier, senior vice president of digital for Warner Bros Television Group, which co-owns TMZ with AOL. “TMZ is now officially a three-screen brand. This is key to building on our success and provides great value to our advertiser partners.”

The Sony Pictures film Walk Hard will be the inaugural sponsor for the mobile site. AOL's Platform A and Quattro will sell and serve ad inventory.