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TiVo To Launch Ad Search Function

TiVo subscribers will soon be able to scan their digital video recorders for commercials. The DVR manufacturer plans to roll out an advertising search function in spring 2006.

The function uses subscriber-provided keywords as well as a customizable profile stored inside the DVR. TiVo developed the feature with research and advice from Interpublic Media, OMD, Starcom Mediavest Group, and The Richards Group. Comcast Spotlight will also participate in the project.

The search function combines the concept of two other search arenas: Internet advertising and TiVo’s own search function for TV programs. Subscribers provide keywords and other information that prompt the delivery of relevant ads

Tom Rodgers, president and CEO of TiVo, said the company "intends to capture the best of the Internet advertising model and create a unique advertising product for the television medium that will provide measurable results.”