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TiVo Adds Educational Element to KidZone

TiVo said Tuesday it would make sure that its new KidZone function includes a way to select shows that meet the FCC's educational and informational (E/I) criteria.

The DVR manufacturer called that move an enhancement to its originally announced Zone, which allows parents to chose either a lineup recommended by the Parents Television Council or Common Sense Media, or one of their own.

As of Tuesday, a third partner/evaluator has been added, the Parents’ Choice Foundation.

The Zone allows parents to restrict recording for kids while continuing to record adult fare for themselves.

Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Telecommunicattions Subcommittee, attended the Washington announcement of the new E/I function and partner Tuesday, calling the Zone a "major breakthrough" that "directly addresses the goals that Congress and the FCC had in mind when they created the children's Educational and Informational programming category," according to a release from TiVo.

"He seemed enthusiastic" about the technology--which was demonstrated at the press conference--according to one attendee.

Upton has also been trying to control TV content through a bill putting more teeth in FCC indecency enforcement. The House has passed his bill, but so far the Senate has failed to pass a companion.