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Time Warner shuts out Dodgers fans

About 450,000 Time Warner Cable subscribers in Southern California won't see the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants game on Fox Sports Net West 2 Tuesday night thanks to another battle between the two sides.

Time Warner Cable and Fox Sports Net are at it again and the loser once again appears to be the cable subscriber. Time Warner Cable has opted not to carry the final 40 games of the Dodgers season to Los Angeles area subscribers because it believes Fox Sports Net is charging too much per subscriber. Tuesday night's Dodgers-Giants game was the first game effected by the squabble.

This is the second time Time Warner and Fox Sports Net have been at odds over the same issue. Two years ago, when Fox Sports Net opted to double the number of Dodgers telecasts from 40 to 80 per season, Time Warner Cable and several other major cable companies balked at Fox's asking price.

Sources say Fox has upped its per subscriber fee two cents per month from its 21 cents per month asking price in 1999. A Time Warner Cable spokesman says discussions continue with Fox Sports executives about figuring out some sort of new deal.

Fox Sports has gone to radio and print ads to tell subscribers that Time Warner is at fault for the loss of Dodgers games. A Fox Sports Net executive had no comment.
- Joe Schlosser