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Time Warner, Cox Say Yes to SiTV

Start-up cable network SiTV has inked carriage deals with Time Warner Cable
and Cox Communications Inc.

SiTV, slated to launch Feb. 25, 2004, will program English-language
programming with Hispanic appeal.

Because it will program in English, network executives have argued that their network
is a broad-based service that will appeal to both Hispanics and non-Hispanics.

Under the new Time Warner and Cox deals, SiTV co-chairman Jeff Valdez said
his network is being treated as a general-entertainment service. So SiTV will
be offered as a digital channel, rather than being relegated only to Hispanic

SiTV also has a deal with EchoStar Communications Corp. for distribution on its
popular "Americas Top 150" package.

Valdez said SiTV is looking to be in the top 40 Hispanic markets by