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Time Warner adding FX to NYC mix

Chicago - Time Warner will add FX to its New York City cable system on Sept. 5, earlier than the cable operator had originally planned, boosting the cable channel by a million viewers in the nation's largest market.

At a press conference to announce the deal, Lindsey Gardner, executive vice president of affiliate sales and marketing, boasted that FX with 18 million new subs in the last year, is the industry's fastest-growing cable network. Time Warner had a deal with FX to add the channel at the end of they year, but Gardner said the cable operator asked to accelerate the time table; FX will take a channel that had been reserved for pay-per-view.

Separately, Gardner said FX's new NASCAR schedule apparently is spurring interest from consumers who aren't offered the network; in the last 11 weeks, he said, FX has received 124,000 calls to a toll free number from people looking for FXl, and by using a new technology, has been able to pass those calls on to callers' cable systems.

Also at the press conference, Gardner said the National Geographic Channel, just five months old, has a new carriage deal with Comcast, but had few details. The nascent cable network now has about 12 million subscribers.
- P.J. Bednarski