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TikTok Says It Lifts TV Ad Campaign Performance

TikTok Vrbo
Vrbo took itsTV campaign to TikTok (Image credit: TikTok)

As the upfront approaches TikTok is saying that TV advertisers add TikTok to their media plans get better results.

In a blog post, TikTok points to research that said its platform alone generates attention and persuades viewers to take action after seeing a video.

TikTok said its algorithm is based on content engagement rather than social connections and that results in 70% of the people using TikTok saying they have discovered new products and brands on the platform that fit their lifestyles.

“Linear TV, TikTok, and streaming services all provide marketing opportunities. But our research suggests that brands can compound success by combining these channels into a fluid video marketing strategy,” the blog post says.

In a cross-platform study conducted last year by Neurons, when participants saw a brand on TikTok before TV, the brand got a 4% lift in visual attention to branding moments and a 6% lift in aided brand recall.

When participants saw a brand on TikTok before a streaming service, the brand got a 7% lift in visual attention to product moments and an 8% lift in aided brand recall.

When it was turned around and participant saw a brand on TV followed by TikTok, the brand got a 16% lift in visual attention to key branding moments and a 13% lift in visual attention to key product moments.

And when they saw a brand on a streaming service, followed by TikTok, the brand got a 13% lift in visual attention to key product moments and a 9% lift in visual attention to key brand moments.

TikTok highlights ways brands have combined it and TV in campaigns.

Vrbo ran a Hashtag Challenge on TikTok that used the same music and creative concept as a recent TV campaign. Vrbo was able to extend its campaign to TikTok users and also got mass reach and engagement. The challenge generated 4.7 million views in three days, with 1.9 million videos being created, 12 million comments made and 37 million shares.

"We wanted to really bring to life the idea of celebrating the people that make staying in a Vrbo so special, and as one of the fastest growing social platforms out there today, TikTok felt like the perfect place for us to launch this effort as part of our larger campaign media ecosystem, including TV,” said Nisreene Atassi, senior director, global head of social media and influencer engagement at Vrbo

Old Navy used TikTok trends, content and creators in a cross platform campaign that started with a piece of content posted by a community member. In the video the poster noted how the a particular song would be perfect for an Old Navy commercial. Other TikTokers weighed in with ideas for a commercial. 

Old Navy engaged the community, honored the suggestions, and produced the "Written by the Internet" spots that ran across TV and TikTok, the blog post said.

“TikTok, in addition to TV and streaming, is a turnkey way to use entertainment as a vehicle to build connections and conversation with your audience,” the blog post concludes. ■

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