The Five Brands Most in Love With ABC’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Over the last 17 years, ABC’s The Bachelor has not only become one of TV’s most durable reality franchises, but a virtually omnipresent pop-culture phenomenon thanks to spin-offs designed to keep fans obsessed nearly year-round. Last month we examined viewership and advertising trends for The Bachelorette and today we’re turning the spotlight to Bachelor in Paradise, which keeps the franchise top of mind even during the dog days of summer when there’s a lull in TV viewership. Below are insights about the show and its host Chris Harrison, courtesy of iSpot, Inscape and CreatorIQ.

Advertiser Insights

According to, the always-on TV ad measurement and attribution company, advertiser spend has increased YOY, up 6.01% to an estimated $19.1 million across the first four episodes of this season compared to the same time period in 2018. Impressions have also jumped, up to 1.2 billion this year from last year’s 1.1 billion.

Samsung Mobile, T-Mobile, Warner Bros., Target and GEICO are the five brands that have spent the most so far this season on placing their ads in Paradise — and three of them (Samsung Mobile, T-Mobile and Target) were top spenders during the first four episodes of last season.

T-Mobile’s ad “Free Smartphones and Netflix” is winning so far when it comes to impressions (35.6 million). Another notable spot: “Inside” from Victoria’s Secret, which has an iSpot Attention Index of 150, meaning that it’s received 50% fewer interruptions than the average Bachelor in Paradise ad (interruptions include changing the channel, pulling up the guide, fast-forwarding or turning off the TV).

Viewership Insights

We also partnered with Inscape, the TV data company with glass-level insights from a panel of more than 11 million smart TVs, to take a look at viewership trends including crossover with the sister shows The Bachelorette and The Bachelor. Crossover for Bachelor in Paradise viewers was highest with the most recent season of The Bachelorette (75%) and on the low end, only 30% of The Bachelor viewers have tuned into this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

In terms of viewer location, parts of the Midwest and Southeast have generally tuned in more, with specific hot spots including the Jonesboro, AR; Jackson, TN; Lafayette, LA; Meridian, MS; and Omaha, NE DMAs — almost an exact match with dominant viewer locations for the most recent season of The Bachelorette.

Finally, Inscape examined season-over-season crossover for Bachelor in Paradise and found that 43% of viewers who watched season five have returned to watch season six so far, and 52% of season six viewers tuned in to season five.

Social Audience Insights for host Chris Harrison

We also examined the audience demographics and engagement rate of the show’s host Chris Harrison. An analysis from CreatorIQ, an influencer platform that helps companies run brand ambassador campaigns with content creators, shows that his audience across social media is overwhelmingly female (92%), and 50% of followers are 18-24 years old.

Harrison’s largest audience is on Instagram (1 million followers), and his engagement rate on the platform is 3.69%, placing him solidly in the mainstream, according to CreatorIQ analytics. His Instagram audience has grown this summer as well, up 9.83% since June.