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Texas Telco Bill Still Under Consideration

The Texas Legislature yesterday wasn't able to sign off on a bill that would give Verizon the go-ahead to enter the video business, but a second session beginning today has the company hopeful that Texas telco TV will soon be given the go-ahead.

"Texas Governor Rick Perry has added telecom to the official call of the session so that's good news," says Bill Kula, Verizon director, Western Bureau Media Relations.

If passed, Senate Bill 21 would update telecommunications regulations in the state and allow for a single statewide franchise provision for companies deploying cable TV services.

During the first 30-day special session the Texas House passed the bill 135-6 and it passed in the Senate 25-3, but required approval again by the Senate because of minor changes.

In a statement, Verizon Southwest Region President Steve Banta says the legislation would "plant a sturdy stake in the ground for us to build momentum in other states where Verizon plans to compete head-to-head with existing cable providers."