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Texan Wood eyed as FCC possibility

Pat Wood III, chairman of the Texas Public Utility Commission, is getting a lot of press as a possible contender for an FCC seat, should George W. Bush win the presidency. Bush appointed the Republican and graduate of Texas A & M and Harvard Law to his current post in 1995. Texas and Washington politicos say he's in good standing for a spot in a Bush administration, possibly even the FCC chairmanship. Already the Wall Street Journal and Kiplinger's Washington Letter have suggested that Wood has a shot at posts atop Energy and Commerce. A spokesman for Wood declined to comment on the reports.

Wood's ultimate prospects for an FCC post will depend in part on his ability to generate industry support, and it's unclear where he stands in that regard. SBC, the Texas phone giant, has a "love/hate and sometimes hate/hate" relationship with the Wood PUC and may lead other regional Bell companies into giving a less than warm response to a Wood FCC nomination.