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Ted Turner: Give peace a chance

Former AOL Time Warner Inc. vice chairman Ted Turner has always had a different view of the world than other media

"That's the thing that bothers me," he said Monday night in New York. "With
CNN [Cable News Network], it's a global company, and every time we go out and bomb somebody, we are
bombing some of our customers."

Turner made the comments as he accepted an award from the T. Howard
Foundation, which promotes hiring women and minorities in the satellite-TV

"The best way to combat anything that is bad in the world is to give people
an equal opportunity. If you make friends out of everybody, they won't want to
terrorize everybody," he added.

Turner said he misses the media business. "I didn't leave the business
voluntarily. I kind of hung around a long time after I should have probably
gone," he said.

Turner is pouring millions of dollars into a chain of restaurants, Ted's Montana

"If I had started a few years sooner in the restaurant business, McDonald's [Corp.]
would have been quaking in their shoes right now," he said.