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Ted Stevens’ Re-Election Bid Appears Unsuccessful

According to various reports, Democrat Mark Begich has defeated Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), edging Democrats closer to a 60-seat, veto proof Senate majority.

Races remain outstanding in Minnesota, where a recount begins tomorrow in the battle between incumbent Republican Norm Coleman and former Saturday Night Live writer/performer Al Franken. There will also be a run-off in Georgia between incumbent Republican Saxby Chambliss and Democrat Jim Martin.

Stevens' defeat would unseat the senior member of the Senate as well as the former chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, which oversees the FCC.

Only days before the November election, Stevens was convicted of failing to disclose work done on his home by an oil services company that had business before his powerful committee.

Stevens maintained his innocence, vowed to fight the charges and stayed in the race, but Senate colleagues had not fallen all over themselves to come to his aid. In fact, Senator John McCain called on Stevens to resign.

There could still be a recount, but if Stevens is out, it removes the novel scenario in which his Senate colleagues could expel him and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin run for the seat in a special election.

Stevens gained pop culture notoriety when he famously referred to the Internet as a “series of tubes.”