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Teamsters come out against EchoStar deal

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is the latest group to oppose
EchoStar's proposed $26 billion purchase of Hughes Electronics, and its
satellite-TV subsidiary, DirecTV.

"We ask for your help in opposing this deal that would grant a DBS monopoly
to a corporation with a deplorable track record of customer and labor
relations," wrote Teamsters President James Hoffa in a scathing letter to some
of the leaders of the House and Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees.
"choStar has made no secret of its militant anti-union stance and has refused
to bargain in good faith with its union employees. Instead, EchoStar has
resorted to a pattern of threats and dismissals in an attempt to intimidate
workers from a number of unions."

The Teamsters plan to send similar letters to Attorney General John Ashcroft
and FCC Chairman Michael Powell, said a spokesman.