TCA: 'Gilmore Girls' Creator Talks Netflix Rebirth, Future of the Series

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Beverly Hills, Calif. -- When Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino joked she would “hang herself with a shower curtain” if the four 90-minute episodes of the show’s eagerly anticipated reboot were released at the same time, she said Netflix remained firm saying, "Can we help you with that?"

While it was all in good fun, Sherman-Palladino continued to emphasize her desire for a serialized release, but has accepted the inevitable. 

“My hope was to put them out separately…but you don’t always get what you want,” she said of the revival which debuts Nov. 25 during Netflix’s portion of the TCA summer press tour Wednesday.

She did, however, urge viewers to resist the urge to race to the last episode and spoil the ending for the rest of the fans.

"It really is a journey leading up to the last four words," she said. "It's gonna mean a lot more if you have taken the journey."

“The good outweighs the bad in the sense that [Netflix] is a wonderful place to create things in a new different way.”

In fact, executive producer and Sherman-Palladino’s husband Dan Palladino said the reboot would likely have never existed without the plethora of streaming services that have popped up since the show’s finale in 2007.

“I don’t think we would have brought back anything like a traditional series,” Palladino said. “With all the streaming services, there’s just new ways for people like us who are bored with old ways to tell stories.”

“When Netflix decided to pop up and storm the world, we thought ‘What a great opportunity to delve into different forms and tell stories in a different way,” Sherman-Palladino added.  “You are not writing not to sell soap or tampons because no one gives a s---.”

Sherman-Palladino also addressed the speculation about the circumstances surrounding Melissa McCarthy joining the reboot, quelching any speculation that drama surrounded the decision saying, "Everyone wants people to hate each other now."

"We love her," she said. "We always knew amongst us and her [that she would come back]. We knew we were going to figure it out."

One character who will not be returning to Stars Hollow is Grandpa Richard Gilmore played by the late Edward Herrmann -- something that will be widely addressed in the reboot.

Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) noted it affects not only her love life but many other decisions she makes throughout the four episdoes.

"The journey of how everyone is sort of recovering gave the show depth and complexity," Graham said. "It plays into all the choices the characters are making."

As to whether there will be more Gilmore Girls in the future, Sherman-Palladino was coy.

“This is what it is right now,” she said. “We put these together. We told these stories.”