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TCA: CNN's Klein: 'Our Journalistic Quality Is Higher Than It's Ever Been'

Pasadena, Calif.- CNN tried to put some distance between itself and its cable new competitors with regard to the way it covers news, even if its viewership numbers tell a different story.

"The cable news landscape has never been cast in such stark contrast as it is today," Jon Klein, CNN/US President said Tuesday during the network's Television Critics Association summer press tour presentation here. "You got one network that's based in partisan right wing opinion, you have another that is based on partisan left wing opinion, and you've got one network only that's based on reporting. Our journalistic quality is higher than it's ever been."

Klein said the network posted the most-watched July in its history, averaging 1.1 million viewers - up 39% compared to last year. But that still fell short of rival Fox News, which drew 2 million viewers for the month, an increase of 43%.

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