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TCA Cancels Summer Press Tour

The Television Critics Association (TCA) has cancelled its summer press tour due to the pandemic. TCA holds press tour twice a year--in January and in late July/early August, both tours in Los Angeles. The major TV networks introduce their upcoming shows, and producers, cast and network executives face questions from reporters.

“The board members are working with the networks to explore virtual alternatives both within the original press tour time frame and later in 2020,” said TCA. “But, given the current state of television production, as of now, this is a cancellation not a postponement.”

TCA cited the state of affairs in California these days. “Given Gov. Newsom’s recent comments about gatherings of hundreds or more not being allowed through the summer at the very least, there was no other option,” the Association said.

The TCA Awards event happens in the summer. The TCA is considering options for that gala. Amazon comedy Fleabag was a big winner last year.

The Association represents more than 200 journalists in the U.S. and Canada.