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Talk, Attorney axed

The November sweeps have taken their toll on two first-run syndicated

Tribune Entertainment cancelled new talk/relationship series Talk or
after only 10 weeks and Twentieth TV has pulled the plug on
two-year-old court series Power of Attorney.

Both series had been struggling in the ratings.

Talk or Walk has averaged a lowly 0.7 national rating since its Sept. 17
debut and Power of Attorney has averaged a 1.8 rating in its second
season, down 25% from last year at this time, according to Nielsen Media

Talk or Walk, which was hosted by author/relationship expert Michael
Baisden, had couples at an 'impasse' discuss whether they should remain together
or not.

A Tribune Entertainment spokesman said Talk or Walk was 'a unique
concept that didn't perform to satisfactory levels.'

As for Power of Attorney, the court show that featured a number of
celebrity attorneys slugging it out, Twentieth executives say the show will
continue to air episodes until Jan. 4, 2002. - Joe Schlosser