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In syndies: Magazine, games, strips up

For the week ending Nov. 17, which includes the second full week of the
sweeps, top gainers in syndication were magazines, games and several new,
first-run strips.

The magazines moving up were Entertainment
, which recorded its highest rating in 33 weeks, up 5 percent to a
6.3, and Inside Edition
, up 9
percent to a 3.5, the latter matching its season high.

Among the games, both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! hit new season highs. Wheel
was up a smidge (2 percent) to a 9.7 and Jeopardy was up a half a smidge
(1 percent) to a 7.5.

The other game-show winners were Hollywood
, up 4 percent to a 2.6, and Family Feud,
up 13 percent to a 1.7.

Among the relationship shows, Blind Date and The Weakest Link
each were up 6 percent to a 1.7, while Fifth Wheel was up 8 percent to a new season high of

Daytime's biggest gainer was Crossing Over with John Edward .

In fact, it had the biggest increase of any major strip in syndication this
week, helped by a 'celebrity reading' of former Monkey Mickey ('I'm a Believer')

Crossing Over was up 15 percent to a 1.5. Rival psychic Beyond with
James Van Praagh
did a 1.0, down
9 percent.

Other talkers moving up were rookie Dr. Phil, up 9 percent to a new
high of 4.8; Maury, up 3 percent to a new season high of 3.3; Montel
, up 4 percent to a new season high of 2.7; and rookies Caroline
and Rob Nelson, each up 10 percent to a 1.1, a new high for Nelson.

The only other rookie to improve this week was Celebrity Justice, up 8 percent to a