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Syndie Shows Hold Steady

With viewing levels down by nearly 750,000, normal for this time of year, the most surprising thing about the national syndication barter rankings for the week ended Aug. 21 was how little things changed among the major strips.

The field held relatively steady from the previous week, with only one-tenth-of-a-point fluctuations up and down. Year-to-year comparisons were meaningless, since this period last August marked the second week of the Summer Olympics, which crushed everything in its path.

In terms of the biggest syndication gainers for the week, Oprah (6.0) and Dr. Phil (4.5) led talk, both up 7%. Maury dropped the most, down 10% to a 2.8.

In the magazine genre, Inside Edition climbed 3% to a 3.0 for the largest gain, while Extra was down 10% to a 1.9.

Texas Justice, which will live on in reruns after this season, led the court pack in percentage gains, up 6% to 1.9. People’s Court (2.5) and Judge Mathis (2.3) each were down 4%.

Millionaire spiked 7% to a 3.1, leading game show gainers, while Family Feud dropped the most, down 5% to 2.0.

In the off-network sitcom race, Everybody Loves Raymond was up 7% to a 5.9, the biggest gain among the top-10 comedy reruns, while Frasier was at the opposite end, off 5% to a 1.8.