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Jennings keeps ratings high

Ken Jennings' return to King World's Jeopardy! drove the show up 26% to 8.7, a season high
in the week ended Oct. 31. Jennings had taken a hiatus during a one-week
kids' tournament, which plunged the program's ratings 20%.
Jeopardy!'s super-contestant surpassed the
$2 million mark in total winnings on Oct. 25. He appears on seven more shows
before the two-week college championship Nov. 10-23. Internet rumors have
Jennings losing in his 75th game, which will fall on the last day of the
November sweeps.

Jeopardy!'s strong ratings also
helped King World's Wheel of Fortune; the
two are paired in many markets. Wheel was up
6% to 8.9. Compared with the year-ago period, Jeopardy! is up 21%. The only strip up more at Warner
Bros. is The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 36% ahead
of last year. Wheel is down 5%

Oprah Wins

King World's The Oprah Winfrey
has gotten off to a good November sweeps, scoring its
second-highest metered-market number of the year, a 9.4 rating/22 share.
Winfrey, who has signed through 2011, is hitting her best ratings in eight

Triple Threat

Twentieth Television is partnering with Clear Channel Entertainment
and XM Satellite Radio to promote the off-net run of Malcom in the Middle, which is leading all rookie
off-network shows this season. Together, the three are launching a $15.5
million multimedia campaign.