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Hawk Her Wares

Survivor's Sue Hawk, best-known for having emotional meltdowns during the show, underwent a surprising transformation after Survivor: All-Stars wrapped shooting last November, courtesy of Warner Bros.' access magazine Extra! As part of a new "Mirror, Mirror" weekend segment the show gave her an extreme makeover, recording the process start to finish. Hawk wanted her transformation completed for the live reunion of Survivor: All-Stars, which she quit after a naked Richard Hatch sidled too close to her during a challenge. Hawk's segments aired on May 6, 7, and 10, surrounding the Survivor finale on May 10. Extra! will air the segments again during the May 22 weekend edition.

Spin City

Paramount's The Insider is ready to go for fall, with more than 98% of the U.S. cleared, including all of the top 100 markets. The show, a spinoff of Entertainment Tonight, premieres Monday Sept. 13, largely in access time slots. Bureaus are already located in New York, Chicago, Washington, London, and Tokyo. Linda Bell Blue, executive producer of ET, also executive-produces The Insider.

Star Power

Twentieth Television will launch half-hour first-run strip Live Like a Star on selected Fox stations next month. "We have the luxury of working with the Fox stations to properly test our new programs in markets that reflect the country's diverse audiences," says Twentieth President Bob Cook. On Live Like a Star, "everyday people" give friends or family members a Hollywood surprise, such as redecorateing a room to resemble their favorite sitcom set or getting them an American-Idol–style makeover by Idol's pros. The show's team includes celebrity party planners Colin Cowie and personal shopper Lash Fary. Live Like a Star will be produced by Wheeler/ Sussman Productions in association with Twentieth.