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Tough for New Syndie Strips

Without any of the new first-run syndicated strips hitting a 2.0 in the national Nielsen ratings, this year's launches have some work to do.

"As usual, it's a very difficult business, and it's not easy to develop hits," says Roger King, CEO of CBS Enterprises and King World Productions. "Last year, everyone thought a 2 rating was a hit, but a 2 rating is not a hit. A 5 rating is a hit, and that's what Dr. Phil does.

"All the shows, including my new one, are coming out failing, all of them," he adds. "There are no winners. But you have to produce the best show, leave it where it is, let it build and that's how you create a hit."

According to Nielsen's national ratings for the week ended Sept. 21, Warner Bros.' The Sharon Osbourne Show finished her debut week as this season's top-rated rookie.

Sharon opened with a 1.5 in 97% of the U.S., while King World's Living it Up! With Ali & Jack debuted at a 1.0 in 93%. So far this season, Sharon
and Warner Bros.' The Ellen DeGeneres Show are the two highest-rated new first-run strips, with Ellen moving up 7% in its second week, from a 1.4 to tie Sharon at a 1.5.

Sharon's national numbers didn't change much from its premiere week 1.6 rating/5 share in the metered markets, but Ellen's dropped from a 2.1/6, suggesting that Ellen is performing better in major markets than in medium and small ones. Living It Up! opened with a 1.3/5 in the metered markets.

Buena Vista's The Wayne Brady Show moved up 22% in its third week of national syndication to a 1.1, while NBC Enterprises' Starting Over picked up 13% to 0.9 in its second week, after averaging a 1.0/3 in the metered markets.

Sony TV Has New Sales Exec

Amy Carney has been named senior vice president of advertiser sales and operations at Sony Pictures Television. Previously, she had been vice president of sales for Univision Online in New York. From 1999 to 2000, Carney was general manager of Ticketmaster Online-Citysearch Inc. in Richmond, Va. She also was general sales manager of CBS affiliate WTVR-TV in Richmond from 1997 to '99.