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Survey: Viewers Report Better Picture Across All Channels After Getting Converter Box

Three quarters of over-the-air analog viewers polled said they received a better picture across all their channels after getting a digital converter box.

That is according to a study conducted by SmithGeiger and commissioned by the National Association of Broadcasters.Jonathan Collegio, VP for the digital transition at NAB, said the association does not release surveys "after a 2007 study was used for partisan purposes by third parties."

According to NAB, the study found that 47% of respondents said they had seen a "major improvement" in TV reception. In addition, 54% said they were receiving more channels while only 8% said they were receiving fewer.

The study was a phone poll of 1,080 households (1080 is the number of lines of resolution in one format of high-definition television) between March 26 and April 8.  Collegio said the 1,080 number was a coincidence.

All viewers without cable or satellite or a digital TV set will need a converter box to watch full-power TV after the June 12 hard date.