‘Supernatural’ Drives 1 in 4 Social Media Emotional Reactions for The CW

Canvs, the language analytics company, took a look at social media reactions to The CW programming from Nov. 1 through Nov. 16 to uncover what’s been driving the most emotional response from viewers. (Previously, we looked at ABC, CBS, NBC and FX.)

Science fiction and fantasy shows have led the way so far this month, with Supernatural capturing 24.6% of all Emotional Reactions (ERs) on the network, and Supergirl grabbing 19.7% of ERs. Another CW superhero staple, Arrow, now in its fifth season, comes in third place with 14.7% of ERs.

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The series airing that drew the most viewer reaction so far in November for The CW was episode 5 of Supernatural, with 13,263 ERs, which is 390% higher than the average reaction volume for a show on the network. Viewers expressed love for the show more frequently (31.8% of the time) than any other emotion; another 16.6% of ERs mentioned being upset (Supernatural often has super dramatic storylines).


— Fangasm (@FangasmSPN) November 11, 2016

Supernatural is such a good show

— Evas (@MagEvas_) November 11, 2016

Well this is stressful #Supernatural

— Rayve (@EvanescentRavyn) November 11, 2016

The character Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) was a hot topic during the episode, with 35% of ERs mentioning him by name.

dean is so talented

— (@jupitermel) November 11, 2016

Dean is so cute. Lol hes just so adorable. #Supernatural

— Ashley Nicole♡ (@AshNicole_xx) November 11, 2016

I want to hug dean


In a different dimension, the second season of Supergirl is underway, with the most recent episode garnering 10,634 ERs. Viewers mostly expressed “love” (37.7%), “good” (17.2%), “dislike” (15.8%), “beautiful’ (7.1%) and “excited” (6.5%) when discussing this show. This particular episode touched a nerve with fans, who took to Twitter to express their feelings.

Damn @TheCWSupergirl really getting to me tonight. Such a beautiful and honest portrayal by @chy_leigh

— Frances Nieves (@fmnieves13) November 15, 2016

In a time where many people are feeling threatened and afraid, #Supergirl represents the LGBT community in the most beautiful and honest way

— Jordan Wright (@wrighteousj) November 15, 2016

@MelissaBenoist@chy_leigh It was so beautiful and honest and realistic and emotional. Still crying over it to be honest.

— August (@TallNerdyBean) November 15, 2016

Eleanor Semeraro is an analyst and contributor with TV [R]EV.