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Super spots for sale

Want to buy a 30-second commercial in the 2004 Super Bowl? Got $2 million? That's a good start, at least.

CBS started selling spots in the upfront at prices that one executive
familiar with the terms said were "north" of $2 million.

How much north wasn't clear, and CBS officials declined to discuss Super Bowl

Over the past decade, spots in the big game have gone down from year to year
only once -- in 2002, when Fox sold spots for an average of $1.9 million, compared with
CBS' $2 million in 2001.

The difference there was the recession, so it's more than likely that this
year's spots are topping last year's average of $2.2 million on ABC given that
upfront pricing gains for the networks have been in the double-digits.

Plenty of spots remain to be had. Sources said the network sold only a
"handful" during the upfront to agencies that wanted to be done with it while
they had their checkbooks out.