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Super HDTV at CBS?


If HDTV ever blossoms as a broadcast service, CBS will deserve much of the credit. Instead of giving up after Mitsubishi quit sponsoring HD broadcast of its prime time schedule last spring, the network continued to look for others to pick up the tab and has apparently been successful. CBS' Marty Franks says he expects that CBS will have at least as much HDTV programming on next season as it had this season. "And we may well have more, where the 'more' is sports," he adds. "We remain committed to prime time because it's where our butter is, but what's particularly exciting for HD purposes and for generating excitement is sports. Don't forget this is a year in which we have the Super Bowl." So who is CBS' HD benefactor? Franks declines comment until deals are set, but some say it's the studios producing the shows.