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Sundance, Court TV To Simulcast Doc

Sundance and Court TV are producing a documentary on the ethically challenged, slated for a June 1 10 p.m. simulcast on both channels.

It is the second collaboration for the two channels, which teamed on The First Amendment Project in 2004. That special aired on both channels the same night, but was not simulcast.

The hour show, The Human Behavior Experiments, is directed by Alex Gibney (Oscar-nominated Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room). The special revisits three psychological experiments and applies them to current events such as the Abu Ghraib prison scandal and fraternity hazing.

The three experiments are the Stanford Prison Experiment, a 1971 study of 24 test subjects placed in a prison role-playing environment as guards and prisoners; The Milgram Experiment, studying subjects' capacity to inflict pain--up to lethal doses; and the Columbia Experiments (1969) about the effect of group dynamics on the "diffusion of responsibility,” i.e. the moral breakdowns of mob mentality.