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Sundance Buys Robbins' 'Embedded'

Robert Redford's Sundance Channel has bought the pay-TV rights to a filmed version of Tim Robbins' anti-war lampoon, Embedded.

Described as "a satire about the madness surrounding the brave women and men on the front lines in a Middle-Eastern conflict," the film includes "compliant embedded journalists, scheming government officials, a show-tune singing colonel, and the media's insatiable desire for heroes."

Playbill describes the Dr. Strangelove/Catch-22 take on the Iraq war as "a mix of satirical depictions of governmental and military operations and scenes of sentimental naturalism involving the war's "little people": journalists and soldiers. Central are a sextet of grotesquely masked "President's men," who are linked to the Bush White House by such nicknames as Dick, Pearly White, Gondola, Wolfy and Rum Rum."

The film, which will debut on the channel March 20, 2005, is a mini-DVD shot version of Robbins' play, which debuted in 2003 at L.A.'s Actor's Gang Theater, where Robbins is artistic director. It subsequently debuted off Broadway in New York and a touring version was presented in New Mexico, Maryland, Arizona, Minnesota, Ohio, Massachusetts and Connecticut last month.