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Suddenlink Adds Support to Mediacom's Retrans Complaint Against Sinclair

Suddenlink has added its voice to those supporting
Mediacom's retransmission consent complaint against Sinclair.

In a filing with the commission, the company says the FCC
should designate the complaint for a hearing before an administrative law
judge, and grant Mediacom's request that Sinclair not be allowed to pull its TV
station signals while the complaint is being heard.

While the FCC has previously decided that broadcasters need
no "special constraint" on their retrans negotiations to make sure
they did not unreasonably boost cable rates, Suddenlink says the marketplace
has changed and the FCC needs to increase its oversight.

Governor Chester Culver wrote to the FCC last week saying he did not want Iowans to
lose TV service if the parties could not come to an agreement "in the near

He pointed out that a similar retrans impasse in 2007
resulted in several stations going dark on Mediacom for several weeks.