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Study: Using Data for Targeted Ads a Black Cloud

Hey, advertisers, get off of my cloud.

That was the message from a majority of adults doing so-called cloud computing.

According to a study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 68% of those engaged in the practice of storing data online (Gmail, for instance) or using Web-based software programs were "very" concerned about advertisers using that information to target ads to them. That was an even greater concern than the prospect of their files being turned over to the government (49% were very concerned).

Targeted advertising came in third among the data policies of most concern to those using cloud services behind companies selling their files to others (90% very concerned) and using their information or images for marketing campaigns (80%).

The survey was conducted April 8-May 11 with 1,553 Internet users 18-plus. It has a 3% margin of error.