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STRIKE UPDATE: WGA Calls for Strike; Details Expected as Soon as Friday

It looks like the long-awaited

writers' strike

could materialize as soon as Monday as the Writers Guild of America is set to walk, but the organization has not decided on an exact schedule as of yet.

Committees from both the East and West Coast divisions of the WGA are set to hold “emergency” meetings Friday, after which word could finally come about the timing.

The development follows a WGA meeting Thursday night in Los Angeles at which board members outlined its strike recommendation.

While the entire television industry considers a strike a foregone conclusion, the only remaining question is when. That is especially important to shows such as the late-night talk shows, which will shut down as soon as the WGA hits the picket lines.

Most network and studio executives expect the writers to walk by the middle of next week at the latest, and they have made preparations.

“By the WGA leadership's actions at the bargaining table, we are not surprised by tonight's recommendation,” Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers president Nick Counter said in a statement late Thursday night. “We are ready to meet and are prepared to close this contract this weekend.”

Things between the WGA and the AMPTP don’t look very optimistic for any last-second heroics, especially after talks basically broke down Wednesday over the DVD formula.

Earlier Thursday, Counter had reiterated the divide.

“Due to overriding business reasons, no further progress can be made because of the WGA’s continuing efforts to substantially increase the DVD formula,” he said in a statement. “We are ready to meet at any time and remain committed to reaching a fair and reasonable deal that keeps the industry working, but the DVD issue is a roadblock to these negotiations.”

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