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STRIKE COVERAGE: IATSE President Blasts WGAW Over Strike

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees president Thomas Short fired off a letter to Writers Guild of America West president Patric Verrone Wednesday, accusing the WGA leader of wanting to strike all along.

In the letter, Short writes, “It now seems that you were intending that there be a strike no matter what you were offered.”

Short also said WGA West executive director David Young’s “incompetence and inexperience are causing irreparable damage.”

The full letter can be read here.

Verrone responded to Short by saying, “To put it simply, our fight should be your fight. We’ve received support from the Teamsters, the actors, many IATSE members and unions throughout the world.

“As we’ve stated clearly, we are willing to negotiate; we have wanted to negotiate; we are here to negotiate. Despite the fact that the AMPTP conceded that progress was being made on Nov. 4, the last day of negotiations, they walked out and have not returned.

“So please help us by doing everything you can to get the AMPTP to come back to the table and settle this strike, which, as you say, is devastating to your members, to our members and to the entire town.”

Verrone also pointed out that “for every four cents writers receive in theatrical residuals, directors receive four cents, actors receive 12 cents and the members of your union receive 20 cents in contributions to their health fund."

The back and forth between the WGA and the IATSE comes as neither the WGA nor the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers look any closer to returning the bargaining table as the strike hits the midpoint of its second week.

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