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STRIKE COVERAGE: Hillary Clinton Backs Striking Writers

Sen. and presidential candidate

Hillary Clinton

(D-N.Y.) said writers deserve to be compensated for new-media play.

In a statement released soon after the strike began with picketing in New York and Los Angeles, Clinton said she supported the Writers Guild of America's "pursuit of a fair contract that pays them for their work in all mediums."

In a sentiment echoed by fellow candidates John Edwards and Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), she said: "I hope the producers and writers will return to the bargaining table to work out an equitable contract that keeps our entertainment industry strong and recognizes the contributions writers make to the success of the industry.”

Writers went on strike Nov. 5 after failing to reach an agreement with producers over a renewal of a contract that expired Oct. 31. Writers say they need to be compensated fairly and accurately for the proliferating places their work is distributed in the digital age.

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